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We are often asked about the dog-friendly beaches in the area. Afterall, a holiday in Port Stephens has so much to do with the waterways, ocean, bay areas and beaches.

And Bagnalls Beach is a beach that caters for everyone – humans (of all ages!) and our 4-legged friends. It is located about a 10 minute drive from Shoal Bay and is also next to a park and picnic area – literally next to the beach. Bagnalls is completely dog-friendly – off the lead and accessible all day.

The beach is long and sandy, quiet and ‘wave free’ – gently lapping water ensures safely for your dog or dogs and also for those who may not like the big ocean swells of other beaches. It is also a lovely spot to find a shade tree on the beach and set up camp all day.

Being on the bay, and depending on the tide, you may need to walk out a little distance to go for a swim (but not that far) so do check the tide times if this is important for you. It is also a great spot to fish – we have had many guests catch bream and flathead from Bagnalls Beach.

You will meet many locals walking their dogs at Bagnalls so do say “hi” and it is a very friendly location for dogs to socialise as well. Is your dog a little scared of the water? Well, Bagnalls is probably a great introduction to both sand and water!

Bagnalls also has great view across to the north and through the heads – a truly top spot for everyone.