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It has been a while since we visited the Tilligery Peninsula but close local friends of ours recommended we take a trip to see what changes  had occurred. We normally take a trip to the area every year but we realised it had been more than a year since we last explored the area.

And what a change! Some new coffee shops in place (a must for me) and a truly wonderful children’s park; so close to a very safe small beach for the kids.

One of the other delights of Lemon Tree Passage though is the walk along the river and through the mangroves – there is a boardwalk along this way as well – and it is completely dog friendly. Drive to the end of Lemon Tree Passage (near the park or marina) and the walk starts on the eastern side of the marina.The walk is easy and I enjoy the surprises of seeing beautiful views through the trees to the water, people kayaking, fishing and just saying ‘hi’ to fellow walkers.

The talk though is of a brand new restaurant called The Poyer’s – a french restaurant right next to the Marina which is getting great reviews. One of our local foodie friends has been there a couple of times now and says it is lovely. We weren’t able to stay for lunch but have it on our ‘must do’ list. It is opened for breakfast as well. Their contact number is 4984 5827 and if you go, let us know what it is like!