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One of our good friends Mitch is a local photographer and he recently explained to us the ‘magic time’ of day to take photos. This is around 4pm depending on the season, and is when the sun is lower in the sky, the glare has gone but before the start of sunset.

We were driving home recently past Shoal Bay at this time and the magic hit. A beautiful warm, glowing Autumn day – we just had to stop to take a few piccies.

And we are in no way photographers – just smart phone photos – but I think the ‘glow’ is evident; just ‘as is’ (No filters as we don’t know how to use them!)

Just to let you know as well, that the area at the eastern end (towards Tomaree Headland) of Shoal Bay Beach is dog friendly from 5pm to 9am. This is a truly fabulous spot in the morning but also at sunset as Shoal Bay actually faces west and the sunsets are normally glorious. Grab take away fish and chips, head to this area and enjoy the views with your 4-legged loved ones.