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A favourite walk – Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay

Are you searching for a leisurely adventure that accommodates both you and your furry friend? Or perhaps you prefer exploring on two wheels? Look no further than the walking and cycling trail stretching from Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay.

You can embark on this journey starting from Shoal Bay or Fingal Bay. From Shoal Bay, you can easily join the trail at the end of Tomaree Street or opt for the scenic route along the Tomaree Coastal Walk, skirting the back of Shoal Bay.

As you stroll along the path, that follows Marine Parade into Fingal Bay, you’ll find yourself immersed in nature’s embrace, surrounded by picturesque paperbark groves. Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional koala sighting, as our native fur-friends often make appearances amidst the treetops throughout the year. Don’t be surprised if friendly locals greet you with a warm “Hi” along the way – a ‘Hi’ back is always welcome!

For the adventurous souls, a detour through the bushland leads to a gentle ascent up a small hill that rewards you with an awe-inspiring panorama of Fingal Spit from atop the dunes. Look out for the Tomaree Coastal Walk signs on the left-hand side at the Tomaree Street end of the walk, to access the path to the dunes. This is a trulyΒ breathtaking view and no matter how many times we have seen it, we are still blown away by the beauty of the duneΒ and the Spit!

Along this section, also keep an eye out for the sign indicating the Tomaree Coastal Walk if you wish to continue your journey to Fingal Bay beach. Read more here:

Upon reaching the end of the main walking trail, you’ll be welcomed by the Fingal Bay surf club and the dog-friendly Long Boat Cafe. For families, the nearby children’s park is great for kids of all ages. And furry companions can frolic freely in the secure, fully enclosed Fingal Bay dog exercise area.

If you wish, continue your stroll to the headland and Barry Park, following the beach and road around to this scenic spot. While dogs are technically not permitted in Barry Park, you may still encounter a few accompanied by their owners, savouring the spectacular views of Fingal Beach, stretching out towards Broughton Island and beyond. Don’t forget to visit the viewing platform, ideal for whale watching from July to September.

Make the most of your outing by indulging in a barbecue or picnic at this idyllic location – a favourite pastime for many visitors and locals alike. Whether you opt for a leisurely lunch or dinner, especially during daylight saving time, the combination of good food and breathtaking vistas promises a memorable experience for all. Our favourite – wine, prawns and fresh bread rolls, from a headland picnic table while taking in the breathtaking views. Just perfect!