Little Miss Coco and Gunna

Bagnalls Beach – “Doggy Heaven” every day!

So you have packed the car, organised the friends and family and are all ready for the long awaited getaway escape to the water wonderland of Port Stephens. And yes, not to be forgotten, the fur-kids are also ready to go! Port Stephens is renowned for being a natural area…

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Bay Escapes - Fingal Spit

The Fingal Spit is open!

After many years – at least 3? – the Spit to Fingal Island is back in place. For a long time it was not accessible but now we are able to walk over to the island again and we are so happy to be able to spend the good part…

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Bay Escapes - Bagnalls Beach

A walk to Bagnalls Beach from Nelson Bay

The most popular dog friendly beach in the area is Bagnalls Beach at Corlette which is ‘dog heaven’ – completely off the lead, full access all day, a great picnic area next to the beach, easy parking and a bonus as well that it is also a lovely spot for ‘humans’. It is best to…

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Bay Escapes - Shoal Bay Sunset

A magic time of day

One of our good friends Mitch is a local photographer and he recently explained to us the ‘magic time’ of day to take photos. This is around 4pm depending on the season, and is when the sun is lower in the sky, the glare has gone but before the start of…

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Bay Escapes - Fingal Bay Map

A favourite walk – Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay

While on the subject of Fingal Bay, there is a popular walking and cycling trail from Shoal Bay to Fingal. This is easily accessible from the Cottages – just head south pass the school and continue to the end of Rigney Street. Turn right onto Tomaree Street and the walking…

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Bay Escapes - Big Rocky Walk

 A favourite walk to Big Rocky

Every year (sometimes 2 or 3 times), we take the National Park walk to Big Rocky. The walk starts in Fingal Bay and meanders along the cost down to Big Rocky which is a little north of Samarui Beach. This is a great walk in Autumn and Spring – it…

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